About Us

About Us
We are redefining contemporary living.  In MET Interior, we strongly believe in the value we bring to our customers. By taking a more proactive approach, we work collectively with our clients to ensure that their dream homes are realised without compromising practicality.
Collaboration; In Met Interior, we are here to help you discover your preferences so that design decisions can be made with confidence. We believe in a collaborative approach where we work hand in hand with our clients, shaping ideas around a common vision. The amalgamation of aesthetics, functionality and lifestyle needs add personality and eventually creates a unique space for each individual.
Design Visualisation; We are passionate about design experiences. We take on various visualisation methods to aid our clients in better understanding the proposed designs both efficiently and effectively.
Design Solution; Our designers listen and pay close attention to clients’ key concerns. We offer creative, innovative design solutions to address unique existing and potential interior problems. We aim to ensure that each project is distinct and tailored specifically to your needs.
Review; At Met Interior, we place emphasis on communication and feedbacks. We respond to queries in a timely fashion and make sure that clarifications are explained in a simple, coherent manner. Refinements can then be made for the design to better capture the clients’ vision perfectly.

Renovation Groundwork; We work closely with our clients in the selection of material and furnishing from kitchen appliances to light fittings. Aside from our role as a design consultant, we liaise with contractors to ensure that the renovation process is hassle free for homeowners.

Site Commencement; Homeowners are assured with end to end service and high quality work upon moving in.